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British Columbia 2023 Flu Playbook 💉🗓️
British Columbia 2023 Flu Playbook 💉🗓️

How BC Pharmacists can use MedMe this Flu Season

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British Columbia pharmacists! In your dedication to providing top-notch healthcare services, you've likely encountered both MedMe and ImmsBC for administering COVID, flu, minor ailments, and other appointments.

In this help center article, we're here to guide you through the process of effectively utilizing both MedMe and ImmsBC. By harnessing the strengths of these platforms in harmony, you'll unlock efficiency, additional services, and promotion of your pharmacy this flu season.

Part 1: Preparing for Flu Season

Consider Schedule and Staffing

Before diving into flu season, it's crucial to assess your schedule and resources:

  • Determine vaccine delivery dates

  • Estimate your vaccine stock and plan your Calendar Availability accordingly

  • Staff for your estimated patient volume this flu season

Are you welcoming new pharmacy staff? Be sure to create new user accounts.

Use The Flu Waitlist

Did you know that pharmacies using MedMe's flu waitlist have, on average, 81% more flu appointments? Here's how to make the most of it:

  • Ensure appointment settings are set to allow patients to join the waitlist

  • Ensure a link to your waitlist is advertised online and in-store

  • Anytime a patient inquires about a flu shot, add them to your flu waitlist and use our Send Waitlist Email feature when stock is available. Send them a link to schedule with your pharmacy using your provincial booking system or by calling

Use Flu Appointments for High Dose Private Vaccines

While ImmsBC supports government-funded vaccines, many pharmacies are choosing to use MedMe Flu Appointments for private vaccines.

For a specific appointment type, like “High Dose Flu Vaccines,” you can further control the availability, such as:

  • The duration of the appointment

  • If you are accepting registrations for the waitlist or direct bookings instead

  • The start and end date for booking availability

  • Narrowing the hours further than the overall calendar

❗️Remember to turn on public intake for your flu appointment types to make them visible to patients.

Host External Flu Clinics

Using MedMe's External Flu Clinic feature allows pharmacists to host flu clinics outside of their pharmacies and streamline appointment booking and management. Use this feature to host clinics in Corporate or Workplace Flu Clinics in Retirement Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Community Centers, Schools and Educational Institutions, Community Events, or Hospital Flu Clinics.

Streamline External Flu Clinic bookings, set up unique links, locations, unique availability, and customize SMS/Email communication.

Generate Patient Demand for Flu Vaccines

Boosting patient demand is key. Here's how:

Part 2: During Flu Season

Promote Additional Services

Identify patients for additional care. Early data from our pilot program suggests that more than 15% of patients would be interested in additional services at their pharmacy. Utilize appointments for:

💡 Don't forget to add your URL to your website and turn on public intake for appointments to make them visible to patients when your pharmacy is ready.

Can I create a custom appointment with an intake and PDF?

Yes! Contact for more information. Specialty custom custom appointments are typically made for:

  • Specialty Immunizations

  • Pharmacist Consultations

  • Medication Reviews

  • RSV

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Follow-Up Appointments

Patient Communications

Clear communication with patients is vital. Ensure your messaging is up-to-date:

We're excited to help you make this flu season a resounding success!

Have questions or looking to add new modules to the MedMe platform? Email, or message via live chat!

Have an idea or feature request? Please share on the feature requests board.

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