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Setting Up Calendars

Change availability, add blocked times, and manage multiple rooms or calendars

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Effective scheduling directly correlates with patient flow, resource optimization, and patient satisfaction. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify calendar settings in MedMe, allowing for seamless appointment scheduling, room assignment, and time block management.

Table of Contents:

Calendar Management

  1. Select the ellipses (three dots) icon beside your Account Name

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Calendars

Within the Calendars view, there is a list of all calendars or rooms.

  • Selecting the Add button creates a new calendar

  • Selecting the red X next to a calendar deletes the calendar (after confirmation and only if no appointment types are assigned to it)

  • Clicking on a specific calendar or room offers more customized settings

Calendar Settings

There are three customizable settings within each Calendar:

  • General: available and blocked time slots

  • Appointment Types: list of appointments assigned to this calendar

  • Details: calendar name and description

Available and Blocked Time Slots

The General tab allows availability hours to be set. These can be customized and edited as often as needed. Adapt these settings to align with pharmacy hours or a distinct schedule.

  • Dropdown menus allow for precise start and end times each day

  • To block an entire days availability use the Closed check box

Blocked Times

  • Select Add in the General tab on the Calendar Settings page

  • Use the Block Time settings to set:

    • Start and End date

    • Start and end times

    • Reoccuring days of the week

💡 Tip: Use the Blocked Times feature to ensure your calendar is not available on:

  • Personal Days

  • Holidays

  • Lunch Hours

  • Shifting Schedules

Blocked Times can also be added from the Appointments level.

Assigning Appointment Types to a Calendar

  • Assign appointments to the calendar by selecting Assign

  • Select an appointment type not yet assigned to this calendar

  • Click Assign to confirm

  • Click the red X to unassign the appointment from the calendar

Change Calendar Name and Description

The Details tab allows for editing the Calendar Name and Description.

Calendar names and descriptions are to allow internal staff to differentiate between Calendars, and are not visible to patients.

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