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Batch Update Settings - Updating the settings of many appointment types at once
Batch Update Settings - Updating the settings of many appointment types at once

Updating appointment type settings all at once. Batch update settings: duration, public intake, calendar assignment, and more!

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A new way to update the settings of many appointment types all at once. Recommended for when the desired setting value is the same for many appointment types. Use batch update when:

  • Turning on public intake for a bunch of appointment types

  • Changing the duration of all minor ailment appointment types to 15 minutes

  • Unnassigning an old calendar from all appointment types

Supported appointment type settings:

  • Public intake

  • Walk-in

  • Allow patients to reschedule

  • Duration

  • Booking window

  • Calendar assignment

Getting started

  1. Open the Appointment Types page. There are checkboxes on the left of each appointment type

  2. Select every appointment type to update a setting for all at once. To select all, check the box at the top of the page.

  3. Use the search field to find appointment types. Previous selections will be remembered.

  4. When every appointment type that needs the same settings to change has been selected, click Batch Update Settings

  5. A drawer will open. Here, select which setting to update and the desired setting value. Note: the Batch Update Settings feature does not tell the initial setting state of any of the appointment types selected.

  6. When happy with the new setting value, click Submit

  7. All set! Close the drawer with Close or select another setting to update for the same appointment types.

A note on calendar assignment and un-assignment

  • For all the appointment types selected, assign/unassign one or many calendars. Be sure to click Submit after happy with the chosen calendars to include.

  • When assigning calendars, if an appointment type already was assigned to one of the selected calendars, the calendar in question will remain assigned.

  • When assigning calendars, other calendars that an appointment type was already assigned to will not unassign

  • When unassigning calendars, if an appointment type selected was not assigned to a calendar in the first place, nothing will happen.

A note on durations

  • Batch Update Settings will allow to configure the duration for 1 to 6 patients. Some appointment types do not support multi-patient bookings but will still be given the option to configure the 2+ patient durations. These multi-patient durations may not reflect in the appointment types' normal settings page.

Received an error

  • If receiving an error while trying to batch update settings, an error message will display often indicating if something was missed

  • If a general error message throws, refresh the page and ensure that it is logged into MedMe.

  • If still having trouble, contact MedMe support team! We are always glad to help out

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