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How to Create QR Codes for Marketing Campaigns
How to Create QR Codes for Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to create QR codes to supplement marketing campaigns & increase patient awareness Bonus: Free template printable posters!

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Download our free template for flu season and then read more below about how to create your QR code image:

Download our free template for Minor Ailments and then read more below about how to create your QR code image:

Looking for a quick and easy way to share your booking link with your community? Try creating your own QR code!

Generating & Using a QR Code

  1. Copy the URL you want your QR code to direct to. Use your patient self-scheduling link to direct patients to your booking page (it should look like

  2. Paste your URL into the QR Code Generator website where it says "Enter your Website, text or drop a file here"

  3. Consider adding a frame from the right panel to create a Call to Action encouraging patients to scan the qr code to learn more

  4. Your QR code will be automatically generated in the top right corner of your screen. To save a copy onto your device click the green "Download" button

  5. Insert your newly created QR code by copying and pasting or inserting an image onto print media to be distributed in your pharmacy such as posters, patient handouts or even print custom stickers to attach to prescription bags

    And that's all! Now patients will be able to quickly scan your QR code from their phone to access your booking page or other online information.

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