Waitlist Setup and Management

To help prioritize the patient list and help prevent overbooking.

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Waitlist mode helps gather patient interest, queue and prioritize patients, and prevent overbooking by only letting patients book in when there is time and supply.

With the waitlist mode, there's no scramble to book patients in - just edit the waitlist filters and send the booking link en masse.


Setting Up the Waitlist

  1. Navigate to Settings then Appointment Types

  2. Select the desired appointment type

  3. Turn the Waitlist appointments toggle ON (blue)

  4. If the Enable public intake toggle is ON patients are able to sign up for the waitlist on the medmeapp.com/schedule page.

  5. Patients are not able to schedule their appointments directly if the Waitlist toggle is ON.

Please Note: Patients are able to self-remove from the waitlist by following the link in either their waitlist confirmation email or their booking link email.

Waitlist Management: Active and Expired Links

Within each waitlist, there are three main tabs that can be used to track a patient's status.


  • Patients who sign up for the waitlist can be seen on the Waitlist tab.

  • The majority of actions will take place in this tab, including filtering/sorting and sending booking links for the first time.

Active Links

  • Patients who are sent a booking link but haven't scheduled an appointment are on the Active Links tab.

  • Patients will stay in the Active Links tab until expiry. The expiry is determined each time the booking link is sent from the waitlist.

  • Patients who schedule appointments using the booking link are removed from this section.

  • Patients who do not schedule their appointment while the link is active move to the the Expired Links tab.

Expired Links

  • Patients who do not schedule an appointment while the booking link is active.

  • Patients in Expired Links can be sent a custom note, a booking link or an opt-out email.

💡 Tip: Use the Expired Links section as a secondary waitlist. This is helpful if patients were unable to schedule an appointment the first time the booking link was sent.

Turning Off the Waitlist and Turning on Public Intake

Pharmacy benefiting from the Waitlist feature must remember to turn off the waitlist when they receive their vaccinations and are ready for Patients to schedule directly.

Change from Waitlist to Public Booking

  1. Select the ellipses beside your user email

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Appointment Types

  4. Choose the Appointment Type you'd like to edit

  5. Turn the Enable public intake toggle ON

  6. Turn the Waitlist appointments toggle OFF

💡 If you haven't already, make sure you send patients on the waitlist the scheduling link.

Other Helpful Waitlist Resources:

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