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Send Scheduling Link to Patients by Email and/or Text (SMS)
Send Scheduling Link to Patients by Email and/or Text (SMS)
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The Send Scheduling Link to Patients feature allows you to have patients book appointments via email or text. Pharmacists can use this feature for:

  • Providing patients with a more convenient way to book appointments

  • Automating the scheduling process, reducing the workload for pharmacists

  • Providing patients with a direct link to their pharmacy's MedMe app for a seamless experience

  • Reducing long wait times on the phone for patients

  • Increasing patient satisfaction by offering a hassle-free scheduling option

  • Improving the overall efficiency of the pharmacy by streamlining the appointment booking process


Sending Link via Patient Profile

  1. Navigate to the Patients Tab on the left navigation

  2. Search your desired patient via the search bar and select the profile

  3. Within the profile Select Add

  4. Select the desired Appointment type to send a scheduling link for and select Patient (Send them a scheduling link)

  5. After selecting Patient (Send them a scheduling link), additional criteria will appear, complete the number of hours the booking link is active for and the first and last bookable day

  6. Select the Method of Delivery the scheduling link will be sent by, and here a custom note can be added

  7. Once complete, select Schedule Appointment, and the scheduling link will be sent to the patient(s)

Sending Link via Waitlist

  1. Navigate to the Waitlists Tab on the left panel

  2. Select all or a specific list of patients by checking the boxes next to the patient names

  3. Select Send Booking Link, a pop-up will appear, fill out the required criteria regarding dates

  4. Select Continue, there is a custom note section where custom emails or text SMS can be added, then select Continue

  5. Fill out the CONFIRM field and insert your name for authorization


Custom Text message (SMS) no longer lets me type

The text message (SMS) custom note is capped at 130 characters. Once the maximum character count has been reached you will be prevented from typing more. Please reduce your character count.

The patient is not receiving the email/text (SMS)

Please ensure both the patient's email address and mobile phone number are entered in correctly.

Calendars appear blank when patients try to select a time for an appointment

Please ensure that your calendar availability for the appointment types you are sending scheduling links has public intake turned on and has availability. Click here to read more about How to Set up Your Calendar

Link is expired

Links are active between the first and last bookable day. If the last bookable day has passed, please send another scheduling link to the patient.

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