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Appointment and Waitlist Visibility for Patients
Appointment and Waitlist Visibility for Patients

Configure settings to ensure patients can schedule appointments or join the waitlist.

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A guide for pharmacies on configuring their appointment and waitlist settings effectively to align with your practice-specific needs. This is essential information for appointments with waitlist capabilities, such as Flu and COVID.

Access each Appointment's settings and ensure the Public Intake and Waitlist toggles are set according to your pharmacy's specific needs. Please also ensure your availability is set correctly, see more here.

Patients can directly schedule appointments

  • Patients can only schedule appointments if the Public Intake toggle is ON, and the Waitlist toggle is OFF.

  • When patients schedule appointments they will be asked to fill out the appointment-specific intake questions, and provide consent. They will then be emailed and/or texted with an appointment confirmation.

Patients can join waitlist but cannot book appointment yet

  • Patients can only join the Waitlist if the Public Intake toggle is ON, and the Waitlist toggle is ON.

  • When patients join the waitlist they will be notified that their pharmacy will contact them when appointments are open to be scheduled.

  • When stock becomes available pharmacies can confidently Turn OFF the waitlist, and contact the patients on the waitlist to book an appointment.

Patients will not see an appointment or waitlist

  • Appointments or Waitlist is not visible to patients using either of the following settings:

    • Public Intake is OFF, Waitlist is OFF

    • Public Intake is OFF, Waitlist is ON

💡 Tip: Pharmacies can use incognito mode to confirm what their patients can see when they schedule an appointment. Use the appointment self-scheduling link, and paste it in incognito mode to preview the patient experience.

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