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Booking Links for Specific Appointments
Booking Links for Specific Appointments

Looking to market one specific service? Look no further.

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Self-Scheduling Links can be used to send patients to book a specific service. The Appointment-Specific Booking Link can be used in:

  • Emails that market a specific service

  • A button on your website

  • Social media posts

The appointment-specific link makes it easy for patients to book the service they want instead of sending them to a list of all offered services and having to select the desired service. When patients click the appointment-specific link it redirects them to a page that only shows that one selected service.

The Patient Experience

When the patient clicks on the appointment-specific link they are redirected to a page that displays that appointment as the only option. Patients then complete the normal scheduling experience by selecting a time and completing the required intake forms.

Below is an example of when a patient clicks on an appointment-specific link for the Flu Vaccine:

Finding the Self-Scheduling Link/URL

  1. Select the ellipses (three dots)

  2. Select Settings

  3. Search and select the specific appointment

  4. Select Calendar Availability

  5. Select Copy Link to Clipboard under the Self-Scheduling Link header

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