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Downloading CSV of Patients with Appointments
Downloading CSV of Patients with Appointments
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Downloading a CSV file of patients with scheduled appointments enables you to analyze patient demographics and trends, helping you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and service offerings. It can also be helpful to view upcoming appointments if your Pharmacy is limited on devices to access the MedMe system.

How to Download CSV of Patients with Appointments

  1. Click on Appointments in the left navigation panel of your MedMe system

  2. In the appointments section, use the dropdown menu to switch from Week View to List View

  3. To refine the list of appointments, you can use the Filter option. You can filter by:

    • Appointment type

    • Appointment status

    • Mode of booking

    • Date range

    • Patient age range

    • Postal code

  4. Next, select the checkboxes next to the appointments you wish to include in the CSV file

  5. The Download CSV option will now appear for you to click on

  6. A pop-up will appear to confirm the filters you've applied and the total number of patients that will be included in the CSV. Click Download to finalize the process

💡 Reminder: Always make sure to verify the filters and patient count in the pop-up window before proceeding to download the CSV file.

What You'll See in the Downloaded CSV File

Once you've successfully downloaded the CSV file, you'll find it contains the following columns, each providing essential data about the patient and their appointment:

  • patientId: Unique identification number for the patient

  • firstName: Patient's first name

  • lastName: Patient's last name

  • gender: Patient's gender

  • sex: Patient's biological sex

  • birthDate: Patient's date of birth

  • cellPhone: Patient's cell phone number

  • homePhone: Patient's home phone number

  • email: Patient's email address

  • appointmentType: Type of appointment scheduled (e.g., Consultation, Flu Shot, etc.)

  • startDate: Scheduled date of the appointment

  • startTime: Scheduled start time of the appointment

  • appointmentStatus: Current status of the appointment (e.g., Confirmed, No Show, Cancelled, etc.)

This detailed information enables you to gain insights into patient demographics, track appointments, and manage your services more effectively.

Please Note: Our system is designed to optimize performance and data management, which currently includes a filtering limit set to the past two years. This approach helps in maintaining system efficiency and speed, ensuring that you can access the most relevant and recent data quickly.

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