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Minor Ailments Integrations: RxConsultAction by Vigilance Santé
Minor Ailments Integrations: RxConsultAction by Vigilance Santé

Step-by-step support on clinical decision-making and prescribing for pharmacists.

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We have partnered with Vigilance Santé to integrate RxConsultAction within MedMe's end-to-end platform for Minor Ailments Prescribing. This innovative minor ailments module provides intuitive, step-by-step support on clinical decision-making and prescribing for pharmacists, making it easier than ever to offer top-notch clinical services.


1. Access RxConsultAction

Edit the following fields in the MedMe system before opening RxConsulAction integration:

  • Sex Assigned at Birth

  • Address

  • Select Save

Once any one of the Minor Ailments appointment types has been booked, the RxConsultAction tool can be accessed by clicking on the consultation on the patient's profile.

  • When ready to start the consultation click on the blue Start button

  • Pharmacists must click Continue to RxConsultAction to access the tool

Important: A new tab will open up in the browser to access the tool. All documentation MUST be saved in the RxConsultAction tab to appear in MedMe.

2. Completing Assessment with RxConsultAction

  • To start, click on the Minor Ailments Tab. The option available will be the ailment that had been booked on the MedMe platform.

Can't see this page and receive an error? See the troubleshooting tips here.

For each ailment, there are approximately 6 sections available:

Links to Additional Resources (for select services)

For select services, additional resources such as clinical algorithms, references, and legal obligations/regulatory requirements are linked within the service itself. The following icons can be found beside the service name:

Legal obligations/regulatory requirements

External links for clinical information

Capturing Patient Consent

Patient consent for the assessment is captured directly within RxConsultAction. These fields are required and must be filled out before proceeding with the service. The consent will be documented on the Service Summary document that is generated.

Assessment Guidance

This section will help guide the prescriber through condition identification, red flags, and exclusion criteria. All inputs and notes made in this section will be saved in a PDF document that is stored back in the patient's MedMe profile under Service Summary.

Example below:


If the patient will receive a prescription, use the prescribe section to generate it. This prescription will be saved in a PDF document that is stored back in the patient's MedMe profile under Prescription.

To add a medication, click the Add button to open up the list of medications for prescribing.

Upon clicking Add, a list of medications will appear as a pop-up. This medication list has been narrowed to only include medications that are within the scope of the province of practice. The medications shown are those that have been indicated as first-line prescription choices and do not cover all medications in the corresponding AFHS classes.

Tip: To prescribe a medication that is not recommended as a first-line medication for the condition but falls under the AFHS classification scope, click on the blue Choose another medication button to search for the desired medication.

  • A green checkmark beside each medication name indicates that the medication is typically covered by provincial insurance (refer to your province's insurance for details).

  • A red no symbol indicates that the medication is not typically covered by provincial insurance.

Note: These indications are not dynamic based on the patient's age or demographic, they are only meant to show possible options that are more likely to be covered. Individual coverage eligibility should be verified by the prescriber to the best of their ability.

After a medication is chosen, the details of the prescription will be auto-filled:

If using the Choose another medication function, a blank Authorized Medication page will appear. Search for the desired medication by:

  • Medication name OR

  • DIN

Note: Prescribers should always review the prescription details before concluding the intervention. All of the details that have been auto-filled can be edited and should be changed as per the prescriber's clinical judgment and discretion.

Additional medications may be added by using the Add button.

Follow-up (integration coming soon)

The follow-up plan can be documented using the Follow-up section. Any information documented in this section will appear in the service summary document that is generated at the end of the consultation.

Note: A yellow banner appears when the follow-up section is opened - this banner notes that while the details of this section will be saved and populated in the Service Summary document generated, follow-up appointments are not automatically added to the MedMe calendar, and should be scheduled directly on the MedMe platform.


To generate a referral note or a prescriber notification document, use the Refer section. A healthcare professional can be selected from the dropdown list, and additional notes can be written under the Precision section. To add this section to the service summary and prescription information, please click the checkbox to include this information in the generated document. All inputs and notes made in this section will be saved in a PDF document that is stored back in the patient's MedMe profile under the Referral form.

CRITICAL STEP: Saving the Assessment

This step is important in order to ensure that the documentation is saved back onto the patient's MedMe profile. In order to ensure all pieces of documentation are saved, the following message on the RxConsultAction tool must be displayed:

Please follow the steps below to get to this message:

  • After finishing the assessment, click the green Conclude Intervention button.

  • This generates the last section named Documentation Management. The purpose of this section is to manage which files to like to print directly from the browser.

Note: Files will still get saved to the patient's MedMe profile even if the boxes are unchecked. The checked boxes only indicate the files to print directly from the browser.

  • Files can be printed directly from the browser, however, there is an option back on the MedMe platform to download and print individual files.

Tip: The patient education section is not saved on the MedMe platform. To share this with the patient, print it from the Document Management Section in RxConsultAction.

Recipient - Please bypass this section

Once everything has been completed, please click the green Finish and Save button. There will be a loading screen that will indicate the documents are being created and saved, and the assessment will conclude with the last verification message.

After seeing the Clinical service completed and saved message, close the RxConsultAction tab, and return to the patient's MedMe profile.

Final Step: Back to MedMe

On return to the MedMe platform, the Consultation in Progress message will be displayed:

Consultation in Progress. To complete the appointment see the RxConsultAction tab in your browser. Once you complete the consultation, close the RxConsultAction tab and click the refresh button below to see your results. Refresh files.

In order to see the saved files on the MedMe platform, click the blue Refresh Files button. Then all the files will be saved separately on the patient profile, and from this point onward, additional actions for each file can be made through the Multi-File Management feature.


Receiving an error when trying to open the Vigilance Santé module?

There may be times when trying to open the module and come across an error in the input. This occurs when there is patient information that is missing on the MedMe patient profile. Here is a list of the most common errors, and the information that must be saved back on the patient's MedMe profile. (How to edit patient information?)

  • Attribute gender is missing Source: profile.patient = Ensure male or female has been selected under the Sex Assigned at Birth field on the MedMe patient profile and save the information.

  • Source: = Ensure the patient's address is complete and saved on the MedMe patient profile.

  • Source: profile.mailingCode = Ensure the patient's address is complete and saved on the MedMe patient profile.

  • Source: = Ensure the patient's address is complete and saved on the MedMe patient profile.

About Vigilance Santé inc.

Established in 1991, Vigilance Santé combines knowledge, intelligence, and technology to empower frontline healthcare professionals. The company develops IT solutions and databases with the aim of ensuring the safe and optimal use of medications. RxVigilance, its flagship product, already has more than 50,000 users. With monthly updates, the software can be used to lookup drug information, perform comprehensive pharmacological profile analyses, access a broad range of patient handouts, and much more. Vigilance Santé's other products include RxPhotos, which hosts a database of over 50,000 photos of pills and their packaging across three services. The company's latest product, RxConsultAction, offers step-by-step assistance to pharmacists, within their pharmacy software, in the provision and documentation of clinical services.

For more information:, 1-844-582-3917, or
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