Minor Ailments Multi-File Management

A guide on managing multiple PDFs within each patient appointment.

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The Minor Ailments module includes a file management system to help pharmacies store and manage multiple files per appointment.

Accessing Documentation in MedMe

Once documents are created via RxConsultAction in Vigilance Santé, all saved files will appear in the patient profile.

Editing Files (coming soon)

Currently, the RxConsultAction integration does not allow to edit previously saved files. This is a priority enhancement and users will be notified when this edit feature is available.

In the meantime, consultations can be re-done, by clicking the Redo button. This button only appears if files have already been saved to the patient's profile. This will override files that were previously generated in that section.

Viewing Files

Download the files by pressing the cloud icon to view the document. It will automatically save into the Downloads folder and can be opened in a new tab (or on the computer's local file management system). From here, the file can be printed.

Sending Files to Patient

Files can be sent to the patient through a secure, password-protected email or text. Click the paper plane icon to select how to send a file to the patient.

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