Workflow Guide: Minor Ailments

This article provides a detailed guide on the features of Minor Ailments in the MedMe system.

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This walkthrough covers both patient-facing and pharmacy-facing Minor Ailments features that have been designed to enhance the patient experience while optimizing pharmacist workflow.

Minor Ailments Module Walkthrough Video

Minor Ailments: Patient-Facing Ailment Selector

A new landing page helps patients navigate through minor ailment offerings. The ailment selector groups the appointments under Minor Illness Assessments, and then lists the available appointments with intuitive groups. Patients can narrow down appointment selection by symptoms: eyes, female-specific, nose, mouth, skin, stomach, and other.

Each ailment has a description of symptoms and a label indicating coverage by provincial insurance, or if fees apply to receive the service. More information is available for the patient to read upon hover.

Patient Intake

  • Multiple Methods Support: Appointments can be configured to support In Person, Virtual, or Phone appointments by toggling on additional method support in your pharmacist settings.

  • Screening for Patient Eligibility and Triaging: Patients complete eligibility screening BEFORE the time slot selection. This allows pharmacists to be confident that they are only seeing eligible patients.

  • If a patient provides an answer that indicates their ineligibility for an assessment by a pharmacist, such as the existence of red-flag symptoms requiring auto-referral or failing to meet the minimum age criteria, the system will prompt them for additional steps and prevent them from proceeding with the booking process.

  • Simple Patient Information Gathering: The patient intake collects only the most important information including:

    • Patient Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Personal Contact Information, Health Card Information, Family Doctor, and Emergency Contacts

  • Collected Consent and Automated Next Steps: Consent is collected upon submission. Once the appointment is submitted, the patient will receive automated emails and text messages to confirm and remind them of their upcoming appointment.

Pharmacist Facing

The MedMe platform is a powerful tool to help your pharmacy schedule, document, and generate revenue from services provided in your clinic.

  • Screening for Patient Eligibility and Triaging: Pharmacists do not have access to patients' eligibility responses, which are solely used to determine patient eligibility.

Clinical Decision Support Tools and Documentation Generation

MedMe has partnered with leading clinical platforms to facilitate streamlined scheduling, assessment, documentation and follow-ups within the Minor Ailments Module.

RxConsultAction by Vigilance Santé Integration

MAPflow Integration (coming soon)

Multi-file management and E-Fax Functionality

  • Multi-File Management allows documents to be managed independently.

  • The E-Fax feature is coming soon! E-fax allows you to send documents to any provider who has a fax machine - this includes physicians, other pharmacists, and even your own pharmacy fax!

Virtual Care and Phone Support

MedMe currently supports In Person, Phone, and Virtual Care with a built-in video calling tool! For more information, please read:

Other Minor Ailments Resources

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