Minor Ailments FAQs

Commonly asked questions about Appointment Types, Integrations, and Provincial access to the Minor Ailments module.

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1. How much does the Minor Ailments feature cost?

The Minor Ailments module is offered as an add-on module with a flat fee. The costs are:

All monthly plans have a usage fee of $0.50 per appointment (usage cap determined by base plan). The price above only refers to Minor Ailment features. MedMe's base pricing and usage caps: www.medmehealth.com/pricing

2. How does the Vigilance Santé integration work?

Other resources:

3. Is MedMe partnered with MAPflow?

MedMe is excited to soon partner with MAPflow in order to provide a seamless, clinically-validated experience for pharmacies. This integration is not yet available, but MedMe is committed to providing this option as soon as possible. In the meantime, pharmacists can purchase their MAPflow license** from OPA or their homepage and gain access right away.

**The MedMe subscription does not include the MAPflow license fee, pharmacists will have to purchase this separately from MAPflow. MAPflow only available for Ontario pharmacies.

4. Other Minor Ailments Resources

Have questions or looking to add new modules to the MedMe platform? Email care@medmehealth.com, or message via live chat!

Have an idea or feature request? Please share on the feature requests board.

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