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Create, edit, delete, and merge Patient Profiles

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Accessing Patient Profiles

Patient profiles can be accessed in one of three ways:

Through the Patients tab

The Patients tab allows access to any profile by providing the ability to search through the entire patient list. Go to the Patients tab found on the left side of the dashboard:

☝️ Tip: Patients can be searched by their First Name and/or Last Name using the search bar at the top of the page. Select the patient's name to access their profile.

Through the Appointments Tab

The Appointments tab allows access to any profile by providing the ability to find patients who have either had a previous consultation or are scheduled for an upcoming appointment.

Select the Appointments tab found on the left-hand side of the dashboard. This is the calendar on Week View - This allows the ability to access patient profiles by selecting the box where the name appears.

Patient profiles can also be accessed through the List View. The List View allows for searching patient profiles/appointments, as well as applying filters to narrow down the search, by selecting the Filter/Sort button at the top of the page.

Through the Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab allows access to any profile by providing the ability to find patients who have upcoming consultations scheduled. This list of patients for the day can be accessed under the Appointments Today column.

Creating Patient Profiles

Patient profiles can be created in MedMe in one of two ways:

  • Patients sign up for a service through the patient-scheduling link

  • Through the patient profile in the pharmacist dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Patients Tab in the platform

  2. Select the Add New Patient at the top right-hand corner

  3. Enter the First and Last name, one method of contact information (i.e. at least one phone number OR an email address), and the patient's date of birth

Tip: Patient profiles can also be created when booking an appointment directly for a patient:

Editing Patient Profiles

When creating new patient profiles, the MedMe platform only collects basic information to allow for easy patient sign-ups and quick additions by the pharmacist. Oftentimes, patient data may need to be changed or added to allow for a more complete patient profile.

  1. Access the patient's profile

  2. Select the Edit button next to the Patient Profile header

💡 Reminder: Ensure the blue Save button has been clicked to save all changes

Deleting Patient Profiles

Deleting patient profiles may be necessary if multiple patient profiles have been created for one patient. Deleting patient profiles should only be done if there are no completed consultations documented within the profile. To delete a patient profile:

  1. Navigate to the patient profile that needs to be deleted

  2. Select the 3 dots beside the patient's name

  3. Select the Delete option

  4. If there are still active or completed consultations on the patient's profile, a prompt will notify to "Cancel" these consultations before having the ability to delete the profile

  5. If all the consultations attached to the appointment have been cancelled, selecting the DELETE button will open a pop-up to confirm the action

Merging Patient Profiles

  1. Navigate to their patient profile, select the three dots beside their name, and confirm Merge Patient

  2. Search the patient's duplicate profile, and click Continue

  3. Compare the patient information and select which information to keep from each profile

☝️ Please note: if each profile has unique consultations they will all be included in the merger. Consultations will not be cancelled or deleted. Once the correct information has been verified, Confirm the Merge

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