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Allow patients to schedule appointments to come to the pharmacy in person

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To make clinical service administration as seamless as possible, all appointment types have a Walk-In Settings toggle which allows patients to book an on-site appointment, instead of virtual or over the phone.

💡 Tip: Pharmacists manually document a "walk-in" appointment utilizing the Conduct Now feature.


Turn on Walk-In Settings

To turn on "Walk-In" Mode:

  1. Select the ellipses icon (three dots) beside your Account Name

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select the appointment type to be edited and click the General tab of the appointment type's settings

  4. Under the Visibility section, turn on the Walk-In Appointments toggle

Patient Experience

When Walk-In Settings are on, the patient can choose the Walk-In option by clicking into the appointment type. This allows them to bypass time selection and proceed straight to completing the appointment screening questions and consent. Once the patient has finished, they are instructed to let a pharmacy staff member know that they have completed the form online.

Pharmacist Experience

If a patient has completed the "Walk-In" flow on the scheduling page, their information will appear on the Walk-In Patients section on the dashboard.

Changing Statuses via the dashboard

  1. Check the dashboard for patients under the Consented status

  2. Change the status to Arrived when a patient has checked in

  3. Once complete, change the status of the appointment to Completed

For group walk-ins, changing statuses via the dashboard will update the status for all patients in the group. Individual statuses can be changed by going directly into the patient profile.

💡 Tip: A Group Walk-In appointment is indicated by the primary patient's name and the number of additional patients in the group

Changing Statuses via the Patient Profile

Statuses can also be changed by going to the patient profile. Status changes can be done by clicking on the appointment needing to be updated, and changing the status in the top right-hand corner drop down on the consultation card.

Viewing the Walk-In Patients on the Appointments Tab

Please Note: Appointments will not appear on the Week View calendar, as this only shows the scheduled appointments in the system.

When switching to the List View, a record of all the appointments conducted for the date (range) specified will be shown.

To filter the Walk-In appointments specifically, filter the appointment by method: walk-in, and select Walk-In in the drop-down menu.

In this List View, filters for other parameters (e.g. appointment type, status) can be completed through the Filter/Sort panel.

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