Travel Consultation Appointment

Streamlines the process for pharmacies to offer personalized travel consultations to patients.

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Is your pharmacy looking to support the specific health needs of patients planning to travel? This Appointment type aims to optimize your travel consultation services and expand your pharmacy's reach and impact.

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Patient Experience

Gathering detailed patient information for travel consultations ensures personalized, safety-focused care, empowering patients with tailored advice and fostering trust through a comprehensive, efficient experience.

For a full list of questions collected on the patient intake, see here.

MedMe collects the following information on the patient intake form:

  • Contact Information

    • Name

    • Address

    • Date of Birth

    • Gender

    • Email

    • Phone

  • General Health Information

    • Allergies, intolerances, and the reaction

    • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

    • Height

    • Weight

    • Medication List

  • Health Conditions

    • Cardiovascular diseases

      • Angina

      • Valve disease

      • History of blood clots

      • Heart attack

      • Arrhythmia

      • Other: _______________

    • Emotional/psychiatric conditions

      • Anxiety

      • Depression

      • Other: _______________

    • Lung diseases

      • Smoker

      • Asthma / COPD

      • Sleep Apnea

      • Require O2 Tank

      • Other: _______________

    • Neurological disorders

      • Multiple Sclerosis

      • Seizures

      • Migraines

      • Other: _______________

    • Immune disorders

      • No Spleen

      • Thymus Disorder

      • Organ Transplant

      • Other: _______________

    • Other

      • Kidney disease

      • Liver disease

      • Digestive issues

      • Acid Reflux / Heartburn

      • Cancer: ______________

      • Other: _______________

      • Childhood Vaccines (Yes/No/Unsure)

      • Travel Vaccines (Yes/No/Unsure)

      • Non-Travel Vaccines (Adult) (Yes/No/Unsure)

  • Travel Information

    • Trip Departure Date: _____________

    • Return Date: ______________

    • Number of Destinations

    • Destination Names

    • Reason for Trip:

      • Business

      • Tourism

      • Volunteer

      • Visiting Family / Friends

      • School / Study

      • Other: _______________

    • Visiting Rural Areas (Yes/No)

    • Travel accommodations:

      • All-inclusive resort

      • Hostel/local hotel

      • International hotel

      • Camping

      • Staying with friends or relatives

      • Other: _______________

    • Other trip features:

      • Scuba diving

      • Cruise ship

      • Contact with animals

      • High altitude (over 2000m)

      • Other: _______________

      • Do you plan on taking any tours? (Yes/No)

      • Are you an adventurous eater? (Yes/No)

      • Have you had issues with traveler’s diarrhea on previous trips? (Yes/No)

      • Do you have travel insurance? (Yes/No/Unsure)

      • Do you have medical evacuation insurance? (Yes/No/Unsure)

    • Please list any other questions or concerns you would like addressed during the appointment: _______________.

Pharmacy Experience

The pharmacist or pharmacy team member can edit consultation details during the appointment.

Request access to the Travel Consultation appointment type

Pharmacists can request access to the Travel Consultation appointment here. Our request process includes:

  1. Confirmation and Queue: Upon confirmation, your request will be officially queued. Our team will report an approximate timeline within 1-3 business days, considering the current workload and an existing queue of requests.

  2. Quality Assurance Testing: Before finalizing the appointment, we conduct thorough Quality Assurance testing to ensure its functionality and reliability.

  3. Appointment Ready: Once available, our Customer Success team will notify you for review.

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