Completing Patient Documentation
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Efficiently managing Patient Documentation for multiple services not only saves time, but it also enhances the patient experience. It provides flexibility in how and when intake forms can be completed to ensure a smooth appointment flow.

Pre-Appointment Documentation

To prepare patients for their visit, send them a documentation link when adding the appointment. Ideally, this should be done in advance, such as a day before the appointment. This proactive approach allows patients ample time to fill out the necessary intake forms, making the appointment day run smooth.

Pharmacy Documentation

Upon patient arrival, if the forms are not already filled out, you have two options:

  1. Edit the screening questions directly in MedMe by selecting the Edit option

  2. Hand a paper copy of the forms for the patient to complete manually. The filled-out paper forms can then be scanned directly into the Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

Scheduling Considerations

Adding an additional service will require you to slot it into a separate time slot in your calendar. This is particularly useful when:

  • You need extra time for the added service

  • You're unsure about accommodating the service within the current appointment time

Tip: Use this separate timeslot option when you cannot incorporate the extra service within the ongoing appointment and are uncertain of future availability.

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