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How to create new accounts for additional team members

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There is an easy way to create new team members' accounts for your MedMe System.

  1. Navigate to the Pharmacy login page (i.e.

  2. Click on Create Pharmacist Account at the top right corner

3. Use the Pharmacy Code (code is a combination of numbers and letters) provided through email during onboarding to create new accounts within the platform.

4. Follow the Create Pharmacist Account flow to set up an account.

Tip: Add additional users who do not have a Professional License number by using 00000 as a placeholder.

Troubleshooting: Pharmacy Code has been forgotten

If the Pharmacy code is unknown, ensure the inbox and spam of the Admin Email has been searched. The subject line will include "Get Started with MedMe".

Utilize the MedMe live chat located on the lower right side of the system screen. Request additional users to be added by one of the MedMe staff members who will be happy to assist.

The following details will need to be provided for each new account:

  1. Email address

  2. First and Last name

  3. Professional designation (e.g. Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, etc)

  4. Professional license number (for documentation purposes)

Once a new account has been created by a MedMe staff member, a default password will be provided for the new account login. This will need to be reset to ensure the security of the new account by using the Forgot Password function on the login screen.

A verification code will be sent to the provided email inbox of the new account. Once received, a new password can be created.

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