Managing Patient No-Shows

The Effective Use of the "No Show" Status Change

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Using the No Show status change allows you to efficiently manage your appointment schedule and quickly make the time slot available for other patients. It also triggers a rescheduling link email to be sent to the no-show patient, streamlining the rescheduling process and improving patient satisfaction.

How To Mark An Appointment As A No-Show

  1. Select the Appointment tab to access today's appointments

  2. Locate the patient who was a no-show and click on their name, bringing you to their patient profile

  3. Select the status dropdown menu next to the "Complete" button. From the dropdown, select No Show

  4. A pop-up will appear. This gives you the option to email the patient a rescheduling link. In the pop-up, you'll have the opportunity to select how long the rescheduling link should be valid

  5. After setting the link's validity, click Submit to send the rescheduling link to the patient via email

Tip: You can also access the status change directly from the Dashboard or Patient Profile.

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