Patient Interest Flagging

Use the service flag feature to ask patients if they are interested in additional services and pharmacy offerings

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Service Flagging helps pharmacists identify and vet patients who are looking for more from their pharmacy experience. This is one of the most beneficial ways to help increase the uptake and awareness of pharmacy service offerings.

Setting Up Patient Interest Flagging

  1. Select the Ellipses icon (three dots) beside your account name

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Appointment Types

  4. Navigate to the search bar and type the name of the appointment

  5. Select the appointment to edit the appointment settings

  6. Select Flagging

  7. Select the Toggle for the service the pharmacy wishes to promote, and the patient can indicate they are interested in the service when booking

💡 Remember that each appointment has its own unique settings and service flagging options.

Patient Experience: Patient Interest Flagging

When patients schedule an appointment, they will be asked if they are interested in the additional services you are promoting at your pharmacy.

Responding to the Patient's Service-Flagged Appointment

Patients who have flagged they are interested in additional services will appear with an exclamation mark (!) beside their names on the calendar. This information is also visible in their patient profile.

  1. Identify patients on the calendar who have flagged they are interested in additional services

  2. Select the patient's name

  3. Select Add Appt

  4. Select the appointment type

  5. Confirm the appointment details for the service being added

  6. Select the appointment time (it's best to refer to the original appointment time for the first scheduled service)

  7. Select Schedule Appointment

Tip: If the patient's exclamation mark turns to a star on the calendar, this indicates that the service has been added and no further action is required.

☝️ It's best practice to proactively check the calendar for any upcoming appointments that have service flags. To effectively monitor the vaccine supply, address patient interest flags a day in advance.

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