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Creating and Managing Group Appointments
Creating and Managing Group Appointments

How to use the multi-patient appointment feature to conduct group appointments

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There are many appointment types that are suitable for groups, such as a family or couple arriving at the same time for Flu Shots, COVID-19 vaccinations, or PCR tests. To accommodate these situations, pharmacies will now be able to create a multi-patient appointment from the pharmacist dashboard.

💡 For the Flu Module, patients can also indicate how large their group is in the waitlist and booking intake.

Table of Contents:

Create Group appointments from the pharmacy

  1. Navigate to the Appointments tab

  2. Select Add

  3. Select the appointment type

  4. Add additional patients to the appointment using the patient search

  5. Select if you are prescheduling the appointment or sending the patients a scheduling link

  6. Select Schedule Appointment to confirm

  7. After scheduling a group appointment the appointment will show on the calendar with +1 to reflect the number of patients for that appointment time

Manage Group appointments from the waitlist (flu module only)*

  • Patients are able to indicate the maximum number of people in their group when signing up for the Flu waitlist

  • The Flu Waitlist indicates the number of patients in the group, and the system will automatically account for the group when sending booking links

Reschedule or Cancel group appointments

One important thing to note with managing group appointments is that the actions are all-or-nothing. This means that to reschedule one patient in the group, all patients will be rescheduled.

  1. Navigate to the Appointments tab

  2. Click on the appointment that needs to be edited to view the Patient Profile

  3. Select the appointment time that needs to be rescheduled

  4. Use the dropdown arrow and select Reschedule or Cancel

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