Multi-Service Booking

Patients can automatically schedule Flu and COVID appointments at the same time.

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Exclusive Feature: Enterprise customers may have early access to our Multi-Service Booking feature this season. This feature will be applied to all MedMe systems in 2024-2025 Flu Season, and will include additional services beyond Flu and COVID.

💡 If your pharmacy has access to Multi-Service Booking please note that you will not have access to Patient Interest Flagging. MedMe will deprecate Patient Interest Flagging when Multi-Service Booking is available for all customers.

What is Multi-Service Booking?

  • This feature allows Patients to schedule both a Flu and COVID appointment at the same time.

  • Many pharmacists choose to use this feature for Flu and COVID co-administration.

  • The former feature Patient Interest Flagging allowed the patient to indicate interest, but not schedule the appointment without pharmacist intervention.

Patient Experience when booking Multiple Services

Patients are given the option to add the additional service and have a second confirmation when they select the available appointment times.

📣 Important: This feature is only available when both Flu and COVID public intake is ON.

Turn on Multi-Service Booking for Flu and COVID

Unlike its predecessor, this feature will now automatically surface appointment types that would be "co-bookable" by patients as long as the Public Intake is toggled ON. In order to turn on the appt types:

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Flu Appointment or COVID Appointment

  3. Ensure Enable Public Intake is toggled ON for both appointments

This feature is currently only available for Select Enterprise Customers for the Flu 2023 Season and can only be turned On or Off at the Head Office Level. We anticipate that this feature will be available for all customers in 2024.

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