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Templates for Custom Messages & Emails
Templates for Custom Messages & Emails

Ever wondered how you can use the custom message or email function in MedMe to enhance patient communications?

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Whether you're sending out invitations for patients to join your flu waitlist or sending out a custom email to upcoming appointments, we've got you covered. Making smart use of the custom message section can enhance your workflow and improve patient communication by providing information upfront or broadcasting information when situations change. Here are five examples of ways to use custom messaging:

📢 Announcing New Public Health Programs

Patients might be unfamiliar with terms like "co-administration" and appreciate learning more about their options this year when you invite them to book flu appointments:


"We are offering flu shots and COVID booster in one appointment. Please select the option when you register for your appointment."

🗓 Communicating About Scheduling Issues

We can't predict the unexpected and sometimes it means we need to change plans. Send out a custom message asking patients to reschedule:


"Due to unforeseen circumstances, our pharmacy will close early on Monday October 10th. Please use this link to reschedule."

🧭 Wayfinding Information

Helping your patients find their way to your pharmacy is a caring touch. Let them know about parking, public transportation options or disruptions to the usual route:


"Due to construction on Main St., our parking lot will be blocked from Oct 12-20. Please use the free city parking lot on Side St."

😷 COVID Precautions & Masking

Letting patients know what to expect when they come to your pharmacy can help all members of your community feel safe when accessing services:


"We request that you please continue to wear a mask when you enter our pharmacy to receive your flu shot."

👥 Educating About Multi-Patient Appointments

Help proactive family members rally their whole family for flu appointments by reminding them about multi-patient booking:


"If you have family members over the age of 65, we recommend that you register them separately on the high-dose flu shot waitlist."

More Tips

  • Keep messages short (typically under 150 characters) to improve readability

  • Use an online character counter to help you make your message succinct

  • For custom SMS messages, you can even find specific character counters for SMS to help you make sure the message arrives as 1 text. Keep your message to 1 "part" (generally 130 characters):

Want to see email and SMS templates added as a feature inside MedMe? Vote now to voice your opinion:

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