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Manage your subscription and view your upcoming invoice details in the new billing page on the side bar!

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Introducing our latest update to help you manage your subscription, the in-app Billing page! Navigate to this page from the sidebar by clicking the Billing label.

Pricing Updates Fall 2022

Starting August 1, 2022 we are updating our pricing plans to help you get the most out of your subscription year-round. This change will apply to your August usage and you will receive your first invoice with this new pricing September 1, 2022.

New options to customize your subscription:

  • Annual Plans
    Maximize value year-round and open up the option to bundle add-on modules and features for additional savings.

  • Monthly Plans
    As an update With the same base fee of $25/month, but usage for all appointment types is now at a rate of $0.50/appointment to a maximum of $110 of usage fees per month. Remember, this only applies to appointments with status: Arrived, Scheduled and Completed – not No Show or Cancelled.

  • Scheduler Only
    If your appointment volume is very low at certain times of the year but you want to continue using MedMe to help organize your bookings, our Scheduler Only plan lets you book up to 100 appointments as the pharmacist with no monthly cost. This is a great PHIPA-compliant alternative to tools like Google Calendar or Calendly.

New ways to try out all of MedMe's modules and upcoming features:

  • Flat Fees for Add-On Modules
    Now modules like COVID testing and medication reviews are a simple $20 flat fee in addition to your monthly usage bill.

  • Free Beta Period for New Modules & Features
    As we release upcoming modules like Minor Ailments and upcoming features like Follow-Ups, they will be available for a free beta period to allow you sufficient time to trial and integrate them in your business.

Go to or for banner pricing click "View Details" under Plan Details on your billing page to learn more. If you want to make changes to your subscription plan, email us at

Find the billing page in the side bar of MedMe:

Your Upcoming Invoice

Based on your feedback, we've made it easier to see how your usage translates into your monthly cost directly inside of MedMe.

Estimate for Next Invoice

The estimate for next invoice shows the total cost for your plan for the upcoming month, taking into account your base fee, usage and any add-ons.

Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown shows further details such as the total appointments used in the usage calculation, the rate and maximum for your usage calculation, and any add-ons that have been activated.

For example, if you use 400 vaccination appointments, 10 medication reviews and 20 COVID tests your breakdown will show:

Appointments Scheduled this Month - 430
Cost Per Appointment - $0.50 (max $110)
Monthly Cost - $110

Medication Reviews - $20
COVID Testing - $20

Leading to an upcoming invoice of $150.

Billing Information

Billing Email

This is the main email on file for your billing account. You can use the change button to inform us if you would like to update this.

Payment Method

The last four digits of the payment method on file are displayed to help remind you which card is being charged for MedMe services. You can use the change button to inform us if you would like to update this.

Adding An Additional Recipient for Invoices & Receipts

If you'd like to add an additional person (such as your accountant or bookkeeper) to automatically receive invoices & receipts, send us a message with their email address.

Plan Details

View Details

Click this button to view your specific pricing options (including applicable banner discount).

Banner Discount

If your pharmacy is associated with a banner with an applicable discount (McKesson, Pharmasave, PharmaChoice, WholeHealth), it will be displayed here.

Switch to Annual Plan

Click this button to send us a message to let us know you want to switch to the annual plan.

Other Changes to Your Plan

For any other changes to your plan, you can contact our team directly at

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