Mass Appointment Rescheduling

A guide on how to facilitate rescheduling appointments en-masse.

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Sudden changes in availability, eligibility, or supply shortages preventing already-booked appointments? Mass Appointment Rescheduling is a quick way to let groups of patients know about schedule changes and invite them to schedule their appointments in a new bookable window.

Settings: Allow Patients to Reschedule Appointment

Important: This setting must be activated to enable patient rescheduling!

  1. Select the ellipses (three dots)

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Appointment Types

  4. Select the appointment you wish to edit

  5. Select the toggle to Allow patients to reschedule their appointments

Filter Patients with Appointments on a specific day, or specific type

  1. Select Appointments on the left navigation panel

  2. Use the dropdown to switch from Week View to List View to see a filterable list view of appointments

  3. Use the Filter to change narrow list results by:

    1. Appointment type

    2. Appointment status

    3. Mode of booking

    4. Date Range

    5. Patient Age range

    6. Postal Code

  4. Select the check-boxes to uncover the Reschedule Appointment Option

Send Rescheduling Link to All Patients Scheduled

5. Select Send Rescheduling Links

6. Choose a Start and End Date for the rescheduling appointment window

7. Determine if original appointments should be held until rescheduled or cancelled now

8. Select Continue

9. Choose the reason for rescheduling from the drop-down options

10. Select Continue

11. Confirm the information is correct

12. Select Submit

☝️ Rescheduling multiple patients at once may not be available for all customers yet, but is planned in our Q4 2023 roadmap!

Please Note: Patients with appointments using the Conduct Now feature can not be rescheduled.

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