Pharmacy Initiated Appointments

Three ways a pharmacist can directly schedule or book an appointment with a specific patient

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Schedule an appointment with a patient directly either from the Appointments Tab or the Patients Tab. This article is especially helpful if a patient walks into the pharmacy and has not scheduled an appointment.

Appointments - Calendar View or Patient Profile

Adding an Appointment from the Calendar View:

  1. Select Appointments

  2. Select Add

  3. Click the "Select an appointment type or start typing..." field

  4. Type the name or type of the appointment

  5. Search for the patient profile, and select the correct patient

Adding an Appointment from the Patient Profile

  1. Select Patients

  2. Search for the name of the patient

  3. Select Add from the patient profile

  4. Use the Pharmacist, Patient, or Conduct Now options to complete the appointment

The pharmacist then has three options to facilitate these appointments:

  1. The pharmacist schedules the appointment when a specific date and time are already decided and agreed upon

  2. Patient: Pharmacist sends the patient a scheduling link

  3. Conduct Now: The pharmacist is facilitating a walk-in appointment

Pharmacist Schedules the Appointment

  1. Click You as the Pharmacist under the question "Who is selecting the appointment type?"

  2. Select the start date and time

  3. Click the check box to override blocked times, or not

  4. Select Schedule Appointment

Patient: Pharmacist sends patient a scheduling link

The patient would like to use the scheduler to choose a time in the future.

  1. Click Patient (send them a scheduling link)

  2. Select the start and end date range

  3. Include a custom message if special instructions are required

  4. Select Schedule Appointment

Conduct Now: Facilitating a walk-in appointment

  1. Select Conduct Now

  2. Select Schedule Appointment

  3. The appointment will initiate and the pharmacist will see the appointment on the patient's profile

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