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1. Getting Started: MedMe 101

Already familiar with MedMe's basic functionality? Skip ahead for to Section 2 for NEW Minor Ailment features!

As a refresher, MedMe is a web-based platform with 2 sides: Patient-Facing Web Portal (xxx.medmeapp.ca/schedule) and Pharmacist-Facing Platform (xxx.medmeapp.ca). Patients can easily visit the pharmacy-specific URL to fill in their information and book a clinical service, while pharmacists have access to an array of scheduling and documentation tools to increase efficiency in their workflow.


Time-Saving Tip: You can click onto the linked titles above to navigate directly to each section.

Setting Up Your Calendar

Before you do anything, the most critical first step is to ensure that your calendar is set-up correctly. Please review the following video to ensure all appropriate appointment types (e.g. Allergic Rhinitis, UTI, etc) are set-up with the correct start/end times, blocked times, and durations. Do not hesitate to use the live chat to contact one of our live associates if you have ANY questions during this step!


  • Toggled "Walk-In" button ON or OFF

  • Set-up Blocked Times

  • Set-up Default Durations

  • Set-up Lead Time for Bookings

  • Toggled "Public Intake" button ON or OFF for correct Flu appointment types

For additional instructions, read our article linked in the button below:

How to Set Up Direct Booking for Patients

Navigate to your Settings page --> Appointment Types, and select the desired appointment type. Under General --> VISIBILITY, make sure that:

  • "Enable public intake for this appointment type" toggle is BLUE (BLUE = on)

How to Manually Add Appointments from the Pharmacy Side

What if Patients Request to be Booked in Manually?

There will always be scenarios where patients request pharmacy staff to manually book an appointment on their behalf (eg. no access to a computer or already on the phone with you). Learn more by clicking into our article below!

There are 3 ways to leverage the booking capabilities from the Pharmacist Side:

1) As the Pharmacist: manually booking the time right away

2) As the Patient: via sending a scheduling link via SMS text/email

3) Conduct Now - for walk-in appointments where you want to document the encounter

How to Support Walk-In Appointments

All of our appointment types have a "Walk-In" toggled that can be turned ON/OFF - this allows pharmacies to decide whether they would like to give patients the option to fill out a consent form online through our walk-in mode.

Walk-in Mode is useful for pharmacies who are able to take additional patients throughout the day for their flu vaccination, who have not booked an appointment through MedMe. For more information on Walk-In Mode, read ahead:

Advanced Booking Function Guides:

Platform FAQs

Here are step-by-step guides to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Patient-Facing Scheduling (***NEW FOR MINOR AILMENTS***)

A) Ailment Selector

We've created a brand new landing page to help patients better navigate through the various new minor ailment offerings. The ailment selector has a number of distinct features to provide the patient important pieces of information up front, to ensure they understand the scope of the service before proceeding to book.

**Tip: You can use the URL _______.medmeapp.com/schedule/groups/minorAilments to link patients directly to the Minor AIlments-specific page.

  • Improved Patient Navigation: We have introduced the concept of "categories" in our landing page, in order to help patients better narrow down their appointment selection based on the location/characteristics of their condition.

  • Improved Patient Understanding of Insurance Coverage and Fees: A tag has been added to every ailment, that indicates to the patient whether or not the appointment is covered by provincial insurance, or if fees may apply to receive the service. More information is available for the patient to read upon hover.

B) Patient Intake

  • Multiple Methods Support: Configure your appointments to support In Person, Virtual, or Phone appointments by toggling on additional method support in your pharmacist settings.

  • Screening for Patient Eligibility and Triaging: We've updated the medical screening page to BEFORE time slot selection for patients. This will allow pharmacists to have more confidence that they are only seeing patients who are eligible to be seen by a pharmacist. This page will be updated once there is more information on remuneration to allow us to provide warnings to patients if they have exceeded their coverage thresholds.

  • Simple Patient Information Gathering: We have limited the patient intake to collect only the most important information required to proceed with the service, including information on:

    • Patient Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Personal Contact Information, Health Card Information, Family Doctor, and Emergency Contacts

  • Collected Consent and Automated Next Steps: Consent is collected upon submission. Once the appointment is submitted, the patient will receive automated emails and text messages to confirm and remind them of their upcoming appointment.

3. Pharmacist-Side Actions (***NEW FOR MINOR AILMENTS***)

The MedMe platform is a powerful tool to help pharmacists schedule, document, and generate revenue from services provided at the pharmacy.

Looking for information on how to set up your calendar and public intake settings? Click here!

A) Clinical Decision Support Tools and Document Generation (NEW)

For our Minor Ailments module, MedMe has partnered with leading clinical platforms to facilitate streamlined scheduling, assessment, documentation and follow-ups.

Vigilance Santé's RxConsultAction Integration - Live Now!

MAPflow Integration (coming soon)

B) Multi-File Management and E-Fax Functionality (NEW)

Our Multi-File Management feature allows documents to be managed independently of one another. Our E-Fax feature is also coming soon! This feature allows you to send documents via E-Fax, and can be sent to any provider who has a fax machine - this includes physicians, other pharmacists, and even to your own pharmacy fax!

C) Virtual Care and Phone Support

All 13 Minor Ailment appointment types offer additional methods to help support your practice! When patients go to your Ailment Selector, they have the option to choose any method that you have made available for that appointment. MedMe currently supports In Person, Phone, and Virtual Care (with a built-in video calling tool!) For more information, please read our articles below:

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs - last updated Jan 12/23)

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