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How to Set Up a Custom Video Appointment Type

  1. Navigate to Settings > Appointment Types and scroll to the bottom of your list to find "z-Custom Appointment #3 - Video".

  2. The Details tab will allow you to change the name and description of the appointment type. We recommend you include video in the appointment name to make ensure patients and staff understand this is a virtual consultation.

    Make sure to customize the "Virtual Notifications" section to reflect what you'd like patients to see via SMS and Email.

    The Description field text is what patients will see on your MedMe scheduling page (/schedule). The "Waitlist Description" field won't be used and can be left blank.

  3. Make sure you click the dark blue Save button in the top right corner of the screen to save and update these details.

  4. Optional - From the General tab, you can toggle ON "Enable Public Intake for this Appointment Type". This will allow patients to book themselves in directly for this appointment from your MedMe scheduling page (/schedule). Make sure to set your calendar availability before turning intake on!

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