Multi-Room Setup

How to set up your calendar when you can run more than one appointment at the same time.

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The Multi-Room setup functionality is a feature that allows pharmacy teams to take more than one appointment at a time for a particular appointment type. This is especially useful if your pharmacy has more than one pharmacy team member able to provide clinical services.

This feature will allow you to add multiple calendars to your platform to represent different rooms or different pharmacists, providing the most accurate availability for patients, and allowing you to schedule appointments more efficiently.


How it Works for the Patient

There is no difference to this process for patients booking an appointment online. Patients are not able to see the number or names of rooms or calendars.

How to Set Multi-Room Up

Add additional calendars/rooms to represent the availability of different rooms or staff. These calendars are stored under settings above the “Appointment Types” tab.

Managing Appointments with Multi-Room

Once your availabilities have been set up, and appointments are starting to be scheduled, there are a number of ways appointments can be viewed and managed.

Viewing Upcoming Appointments


View different dashboards for each of your rooms by changing your calendar in the highlighted dropdown

Appointments Tab Week View

View each room's weekly view by selecting the "Week View" and changing your calendar in the highlighted dropdown

Appointments Tab List View

View the list of appointments for each room by selecting the "List View", clicking on the "Filter/Sort" Button and filtering for your desired calendar

Manually Adding Appointments to Specific Rooms or Calendars

When manually adding an appointment from the patient profile or the appointments tab, you can select a specific calendar for patient assignment.

Rescheduling Appointments into Other Rooms or Calendars

Patients can also now be rescheduled into other rooms to accommodate for changes in staffing.

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