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On the day of the appointments, accurate documentation is essential for both legal compliance and efficient pharmacy operations. This guide outlines the necessary steps to prepare forms and documentation, ensuring a seamless process for both the Pharmacy team and patients.

Table of Contents:

Printing The Appointment List

Navigate to the Appointments Tab to generate a printable list of appointments.


On the Appointments tab, there is a Print button in the top left corner.

Clicking it will pull up the following pop-up. Specify the date range to generate a printable list of appointments and even export it as a CSV file (great for Excel).

☝️Note: Only scheduled appointments can be printed, not walk-ins.

Batch Updating

The Dashboard tab allows for updating vaccination forms for upcoming appointments.


On the Dashboard there is a Batch Update button in the Appointments Today section:

Clicking the Batch Update button will pull up the following:

From here choose the forms, the day, the patients, and the information to update all at once.

Batch Printing Forms


On the Dashboard there is a Print PDFs button in the Appointments Today section.

Clicking Print PDFs will pull up the following:

Specify the appointment type and day to print the forms. Download the forms from the pop-up window or print them directly from the browser to prevent patient health information from being stored on a computer.

Please Note: The Batch Print and Batch Update feature is designed for a 90-day operational window. This ensures that the freshest data is always at the forefront, aiding in the smooth running and compliance of the pharmacy.

For best results, it's recommended to download all required forms first thing in the morning to streamline daily operations.

Completing The Appointment

When finished administering the vaccine to the patient, complete the appointment by clicking into the patient profile and selecting the Complete button in the top right corner.

A pop-up will ask to confirm the appointment as Complete:

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