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Minor Ailment Eligibility Screening FAQ
Minor Ailment Eligibility Screening FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Minor Ailment eligibility questions

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Can eligibility questions be turned off?

The eligibility questions are designed to ensure that only eligible patients can book an appointment. Currently, there is no way to turn them off. However, pharmacies could create a custom appointment with the same name and description that wouldn't have the eligibility questions. To do this message MedMe Customer Support using the live chat or email

Can patients’ answers to the eligibility questions be accessed?

At this time, patients' answers are exclusively used for booking purposes and are unable to be viewed later.

Do patients have to fill out the eligibility questions?

Yes, completing the eligibility questions is an essential part of the screening process. It's important patients answer the eligibility questions truthfully and to the best of their ability, as it will help pharmacies provide them with the best care.

What if the patient doesn’t know the answer to the eligibility question?

If patients don't know the answer to an eligibility question, they should answer the best they can based on the information they have available. The eligibility questions are written in plain and simple language, making them easy to understand. However, if they are ever unsure about a particular question, they can always reach out to the pharmacy.

Can the eligibility questions be edited by pharmacies?

At this time, the eligibility questions cannot be edited.

Where did the information for eligibility questions come from?

The eligibility questions were developed by a team of pharmacists at MedMe. They cross-referenced multiple reputable pharmacy resources, including but not limited to MedSask produced by the University of Saskatchewan, Compendium of Therapeutic Choices (CTC), Compendium of Products for Minor Ailments (CPMA), and Compendium of Therapeutics for Minor Ailments (CTMA) produced by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). They conducted user interviews to hear from community pharmacists, in combination with MedMe pharmacists' clinical expertise.

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