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October 2023 Update: COVID-19 Monovalent XBB Vaccines
October 2023 Update: COVID-19 Monovalent XBB Vaccines

How to update your appointments for COVID XBB.1.5 variant vaccines

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As you have likely heard, two new COVID-19 monovalent vaccines have been approved by Health Canada to replace the bivalent COVID-19 boosters.

Since the majority of provincial guidance is suggesting that the XBB vaccines replace the bivalent boosters, our recommendation is for you to rename your COVID-19 Booster appointment types instead of adding a new appointment type for monovalent XBB.

We are seeing MedMe pharmacies further consolidate COVID-19 vaccine appointment types, and keeping one generic booster appointment type is by far the most popular route due to its data cleanliness.

Action Required: Rename COVID Booster Appointments

  • Re-name adult COVID-19 booster vaccines as either a generic Booster appointment or specifically Monovalent XBB

  • Re-name pediatric COVID-19 vaccines as either a generic Booster appointment or specifically Monovalent XBB

Important considerations to review before you rename:

  • If you rename one appointment type, all old appointments scheduled will have the new name. This will impact historical appointment names, but not the Vaccine Administration information saved each appointment (eg. previous Pfizer Bivalent vaccine + DIN + administration information will be saved in each appointment's documentation)

  • The original Adult COVID-19 vaccine appointments screen out ages <12, so please ensure you update the Pediatric COVID-19 appointment separately.

  • Consider that each COVID appointment is tied to a specific Waitlist.

  • Don't forget to update the appointment description as well!

Two questions before proceeding:

  1. Are you ok with re-naming the appt-types if it affects the historical COVID-19 vaccine appt names (not the documentation itself)?

  2. Will you be administering bivalent vaccines concurrently with XBB due to excess supply or other reasons? Please contact a member of our support team if this is the case, as the solution in this article may not be suitable for your use case.

Important: Platform Updates to support XBB

We have also added two additional options to the Vaccine Name dropdown for documentation purposes in the Batch Update and Edit Documentation functions:

  • Moderna Spikevax XBB.1.5 monovalent COVID-19 vaccine

  • Pfizer XBB1.5 monovalent COVID-19 vaccine

Change Name and Description of an Appointment

Steps to change appointment name, description, and other information:

  1. Login to your MedMe system

  2. Select the three dots on the left navigation panel

  3. Select Settings

  4. Select Appointment Types

  5. Select the COVID-19 Appointment you wish to rename

  6. Select Details

  7. Change Appointment Name (type)

  8. Change Appointment Description

  9. Click Save

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