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Once you have printed out all the forms for the day’s appointments, completed the vaccinations, and signed off all the forms, you’ll need to scan them into your PMS system for documentation and storage purposes. Find out how to do this in the easiest way possible:

  1. Before your clinic begins, be sure to batch update & print out all of your consent forms

  2. After you have administered the vaccine, documented the time & site of injection, and signed your name and license number on the form, you can complete the following steps to easily file the forms into your PMS:

    1. Stick the patient’s prescription label (with a barcode printed on it) onto their consent form

      Tip: Make sure your PMS settings are toggled ON to allow barcode printing onto prescription label stickers

      To do this on Kroll, go to File > Configuration > Store > Labels. Check off "Vial" for 2D Bar Coding.

      Bonus tip: In order to get both pages of the consent form scanned into the patient file, you will need to place a prescription label on both papers. Be sure to default the injection fee drug file to print 2 prescription labels.

      To do this on Kroll, go to the Flu Shot drug file and change the # of vial labels to 2.

    2. Batch scan all of the consent forms into your PMS by putting the whole pile of forms through the scanner at once.

      To do this on Kroll, go to Utilities > Printed Document Scan/Import > Start Scanning.

    3. Each patient’s consent form should be filed into the correct file as a “Script Image” once this is completed.

      This should be the final result after following these steps!

  3. Keep all the hard copies of the consent forms for record-keeping purposes.

That’s it! This is just an easy way to scan all your forms into the PMS without having to open up every patient’s file one-by-one. This method will help you streamline the paperwork and administrative workflow, allowing you to save a bit of extra time!

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