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Guidelines for Providing Product Feedback
Guidelines for Providing Product Feedback

Where and how to provide feedback, system requests, and see recent updates.

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At MedMe, we greatly value your insights as our users. Your feedback helps us improve our tools to better serve your needs.

Accessing the Product Feedback and Roadmap Board

  1. Login to your pharmacy's MedMe system

  2. Select Updates/Forum

  3. Choose one of the following three options:

    • What's new at MedMe: our most recent product updates and changelog.

    • Discussion Forum: publicly discuss upcoming provincial changes, or ask other pharmacists how they utilize specific features.

    • Request a Feature: suggest an enhancement or feature we should consider in our future roadmap.

Guidelines for Effective Feedback

  1. Bug Reports: If you're reporting a technical issue or bug, please contact MedMe at, or in the live chat.

  2. Search First: Check if someone has already shared a similar suggestion. Keeping conversations in existing threads helps maintain a tidy community and facilitates finding relevant information.

  3. Vote for Suggestions: Show support for ideas you like by using the upvote button. Rather than posting, upvoting is more effective in expressing agreement. Add a comment about your specific use case.

  4. Provide Details: When sharing feedback or feature requests, include:

    • Request Summary

    • User Story

    • Identified product limitations or missing features

    • Business impact of identified issues

    • Any additional relevant information or resources

Example Feedback (and a real feature, Send Custom Email)

Title: Support Custom Email Sending

Feature Request Summary (User Story):

As a pharmacist, I would like to have a dedicated ability to send emails to patients listed within our system, improving our communication with patients.


Pharmacists need to communicate important information or updates to patients, Having a feature to send a customizable email would simplify the process, and reduce the number of tools we need to use. Pharmacists could easily draft and send personalized emails, and utilize customizable email templates for different situations such as Rescheduling cancelled appointments. Pharmacists could use this tool to market their services to patients.

Business Impact:

This feature is vital for our business as effective communication with patients is crucial for delighting and retaining patients. Without this feature, we must rely on other tools like Gmail to market new services to patients or let patients know of any pharmacy or appointment changes.

Other Necessary Information or Resources:

It would also be helpful to send custom emails to patients who:

  • Have a history of a specific appointment type

  • Are between a specific age range

  • Are in a specific geographic area

  • Have been to our pharmacy multiple times

Will MedMe build every enhancement or feature request?

  1. Responses from MedMe are not guaranteed: Please note that requests in this forum are not guaranteed a response or inclusion in product backlogs or roadmaps. This forum is primarily for sharing challenges and usage experiences, not for case resolutions.

  2. Roadmap Updates: Our product team commits to bi-annual updates following roadmap planning meetings. These updates highlight what's on our roadmap and what isn't.

  3. Timelines: We don't typically provide specific dates for feature releases, as timelines can change. General timelines may be shared, but they are subject to modification.

  4. Post Maintenance and Archiving: Inactive requests (no new comments for 16+ months) will be archived but remain visible to product managers. This helps us prioritize popular requests.

How to Write a User Story

  1. Use a Clear Format: Begin each user story with a clear and concise statement starting with "As a [user role], I want to [action]...".

  2. Provide Context where needed: Be specific about why this change is important, and how current features aren't able to offer a solution for this need.

  3. Include Relevant Details: If there are specific details, constraints, or provincial requirements related to the user story, provide them clearly.

  4. Be Open to Clarifications: Our team may need to clarify certain aspects of your user story. Be prepared to provide additional information or answer questions to ensure a clear understanding.

Example User Story: As a pharmacist, I want to see a confirmation log for custom emails sent from the MedMe system.

Have questions or looking to add new modules to the MedMe platform? Email, or message via live chat!

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