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Left: New Appointments Weekly Calendar View
Right: Old Appointments Weekly Calendar View

Release date: Dec 2022 - rolling release

What has changed?

  • The Calendar legend has been removed; each appointment type still keeps its unique color. More screen space to see more of your calendar without scrolling!

  • New hover tool tip tool: Using your mouse, hover any appointment in the calendar and a tooltip instantly appears showing you the appointment type, patient name, and time of the appointment

What about service flagging (additional services)?

  • The patient interest star (*) and exclamation point (!) will continue to appear in the appointment chip on the calendar

My calendar and MedMe interface is still too small (too zoomed in)

  • Some smaller monitor resolutions display a very zoomed-in MedMe interface resulting in very little information available without scrolling

  • Here are the instructions for Google Chrome to display more information at once:

    1. Click the 3 vertical dots in the top-right side of the browser:

    2. In the row for Zoom, press the minus symbol until you find a number that is comfortable for yourself and your team to read (if you go too far, use the plus symbol - the default value was 100%):

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