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Welcome to the Flu 2022 Playbook! The goal of this playbook is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to make this your best flu season ever. We’ve combined the learnings from hundreds of pharmacies to provide you with the most efficient workflows and take advantage the latest MedMe features.

This playbook is divided into 3 parts, designed to help you get ready, vaccinate, and build on your momentum to power clinical services year-round:

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Future Opportunities

MedMe was designed with your business in mind. We’ve included features that can help you grow your patient population after flu season and continue to drive demand for services:

🌟 Opportunity #1: Patient Transfer

Patients who register for flu shots through the pharmacy present an opportunity to provide exceptional care and convert a one-time visit into a long-term customer. When patients schedule their flu vaccinations, we ask if they are interested in transferring their prescriptions to your pharmacy and collect their previous pharmacy’s information.

Find interested patients using the filter, and take this opportunity to initiate the process of transferring their prescriptions over.

🌟 Opportunity #2: Vaccine Flagging & Immunizations

Adult immunizations are extremely important to a patient’s holistic care, and more than ever patients seek out pharmacies for these services. To help you to identify these patients, MedMe will be adding screening for Shingrix and Gardasil-9 eligible patients during the flu vaccine intake.

This option will be available to turn on from the flu vaccine settings. Patients who are interested to speak to the pharmacist will be flagged, and this will give you the opportunity to co-administer the injection when they come in or follow-up later as part of a larger vaccine campaign.

Early data from our pilot program suggests that more than 15% of patients would be willing to talk to a pharmacist about receiving an adult immunization through the pharmacy, which goes to show the size of this opportunity!

🌟 Opportunity #3: Custom Appointment Types for Consultations

Many pharmacies offer additional types of consultations to support their patients’ holistic care like consultations for smoking cessation, compression garment fittings, virtual care and more.

Inside of MedMe you have been given 3 of these “custom” appointment types that you can rename according to your offerings. By turning on public intake for these appointment types during flu season, you will be advertising your full range of services to the largest number of patients.

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