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Welcome to the Flu 2022 Playbook! The goal of this playbook is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to make this your best flu season ever. We’ve combined the learnings from hundreds of pharmacies to provide you with the most efficient workflows and take advantage the latest MedMe features.

This playbook is divided into 3 parts, designed to help you get ready, vaccinate, and build on your momentum to power clinical services year-round:

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During Flu Season

📄 Daily Operation & Documentation

Your daily workflow will be to continue inviting patients from the waitlist for availability on upcoming days as the flu season progresses. Once you have exhausted your waitlist, you may also want to open up the appointments for direct booking.

Want to save at least 5 minutes per appointment? These are our top four features to help your vaccination programs run efficiently:

  1. Batch Update & Print

    Update and print ALL your patients’ PDF forms for the day: the vaccine brand/name, lot #, expiry date, etc. and then print the forms all at once in the morning before your patients arrive.

  2. Edit Patient Records

    Access the specific details of the patient’s profile and intake questions from the dashboard, the appointment view or by searching their name.

    Tip: If you are creating a profile for a patient, don’t skip entering the patient’s email/cell number! This will allow you to contact them for future services, ask them to leave a Google Review, or send links to future waitlists/booking links.

  3. Walk-in & Phone Bookings

    MedMe makes it EASY to provide flu shots on a walk-in basis. We also keep in mind that some less tech-savvy patients need assistance with booking their appointment & filling out their intake form.

    Tip: Patients can fill in the Patient Intake Form even if you schedule the appointment for them. You can send the forms when you schedule the appointment, have them scan a QR code (see below), or complete the form on a tablet in your pharmacy!

  4. In-store Signage & QR Codes

    Consider putting up posters & signs in your pharmacy to advertise your flu shot service! For walk-in patients, include a QR code that links to the walk-in registration so that they can fill in the form on the spot.

💉 Co-Administration [Coming Soon - Sept 12]

In addition to NACI recommendations on co-administration, patients are now viewing pharmacies as their preferred destination to receive injections. When patients book their flu shot, they can also indicate if they want to receive their next dose of the COVID vaccine at the same time.

With this new implementation we hope to reduce the amount of calls to your pharmacy, while also flagging potential opportunities of care. In the future, we are hoping to grow this feature so that you can bundle a wide variety of services together!

📦 Manage Vaccine Supply Disruption

Circumstances can change day to day, or supply of different vaccine types might run low. Here are two ways to handle disruptions:

  1. Mass Appointment Rescheduling

  2. Switching from High Dose to Regular Dose [Coming Soon - Sept 14]

    As recommended, high-risk patients should accept the first available flu vaccine. When patients register for the high dose, they can indicate if they are willing to receive regular dose. You can request for them to switch to scheduling a regular dose vaccine.

💬 Patient Communications

Communicate clearly with patients by keeping all of your messaging up-to-date:

  1. Confirmations, Reminders and Thank You Notes

    You can customize your emails & SMS messages to make sure patients have all the necessary details. You can even add a custom note when sending out the booking link from the waitlist!

    Tip: Keep your SMS message under 150 characters so it fits within a single message. You can paste your message into an online calculator to check!

  2. Mass Custom Messaging You can send a custom email message to patients with upcoming appointments or who are on the waitlist to communicate important updates.

    Tip: In the thank you note that gets sent out after appointments,
    add a link to your Google profile and ask for positive reviews!

💰 Reimbursement/Billing for Services

Here are some tips on how to make the workflow for uploading records to your pharmacy management software as efficient as possible:

  1. Uploading Patient Records to your PMS

    For new patients to your pharmacy, you will need to create a new profile for them in your PMS. We are continuing to work on a QR code scanning function to easily transfer the patient’s info from MedMe to Kroll.

  2. Scanning Consent Forms into the PMS

    Now that you’ve completed your appointments & signed off on all the paperwork, it’s time to scan all those forms into your PMS. Instead of scanning the forms into each patient’s profile one-by-one, check out this recommended workflow for bulk uploads and save time in your admin workflow!

📖 Read part 1 or part 3 of the flu playbook next!

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