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The purpose of this Workflow Guide is to provide new MedMe pharmacies an overview of MedMe's battle-tested Flu Module for the 2022/23 Flu season.

Use this guide as your central Navigator for all of our flu-specific functions. We've filled this guide with links out to key How-To articles - from opening up your flu waitlist to batch completing documentation.

***New This Year for Flu 2022/2023***

  • High dose waitlist patients are screened for their acceptance of the regular flu shot at intake allowing you to filter for patients willing to switch waitlists (Article Here)

  • Walk-In dashboard updates allow you to check in patients in a more streamlined fashion, with a new "Consented" status (Article Here)

  • Patients will be able to remove themselves from the waitlist by following the link in either their confirmation email or booking link email

  • Batch Printing Forms can be done from your browser without downloading the files to your computer

First time using MedMe for Flu? Let's get started!

As a refresher, MedMe is a web-based platform with 2 sides: Patient-Facing Web Portal (xxx.medmeapp.ca/schedule) and Pharmacist-Facing Platform (xxx.medmeapp.ca). Patients can easily visit the pharmacy-specific URL to fill in their information and book a clinical service, while pharmacists have access to an array of scheduling and documentation tools to increase efficiency in their workflow.

How Can MedMe Support My Workflow?

There are 3 key components to the Flu Module:

1) Waitlist Mode: Allows patients to submit interest in flu shots prior to inventory arrival

2) Booking: Allows both patients and pharmacists to schedule appointments and complete intake forms ahead of arrival at store. (Bonus: Handling Walk-Ins!)

3) Documentation: Pre-populated intake forms and mass update/print functions built to reduce administrative burden on pharmacy staff

At the end of this training guide, we'll drop a list of Frequently Asked Questions for all your burning questions.

Now, let's dive deeper into each key component!

Time-Saving Tip: You can click onto the linked titles above to navigate directly to each section.


The Waitlist Mode is a powerful tool that serves 2 main purposes:

  1. Gather patient interest for flu vaccine before receiving supply

  2. Notify patients in one simple step after each shipment of supply is received

Note that the Flu Module includes 3 separate waitlists:

  • Flu (Regular)

  • Flu (High-Dose)

  • FluMist

For step-by-step instructions on how to leverage your waitlist for the flu season, click on the button below:

Pharmacies typically open up their Waitlist for Flu in September, in order to maximize interest capture ahead of inventory arrival. Once supply arrives, you can send booking links to hundreds of patients all at once to fill up their schedules.

⭐️ New This Year for Flu 2022/2023 Waitlist ⭐️

Managing Flu High-Dose Vaccine Supply - Article Coming Soon!

When patients register for the high dose flu shot waitlist they will be asked "In the absence of the high dose Flu Shot vaccine due to limited supply, are you open to receiving the regular dose Flu Shot, if it’s the first vaccine available?"

This will allow you to filter your high dose waitlist and identify patients who would be interested in receiving either flu shot if supply is unavailable. You will then be able to send a booking link by selecting the type of booking link as "Flu Vaccine (Regular Dose)".

Now, this brings us to the most important section - Booking Appointments!


Setting Up Your Calendar

Before you do anything, the most critical first step is to ensure that your calendar is set-up correctly. Please review the following video to ensure all appropriate appointment types (eg. Flu (Regular), Flu (High-Dose)) are set-up with the correct start/end times, blocked times, and durations. Do not hesitate to use the live chat to contact one of our live associates if you have ANY questions during this step!


  • Toggled "Walk-In" button ON or OFF

  • Set-up Blocked Times

  • Set-up Default Durations (eg. length of appointments for 2+ patient groups)

  • Set-up Lead Time for Bookings

  • Toggled "Public Intake" button ON or OFF for correct Flu appointment types

For additional instructions, read our article linked in the button below:

"OK, I now have inventory and I'm ready to book appointments, what do I do?"

How to Invite Waitlisted Patients En-Masse

Scenario A: You used Waitlist Mode and have a large number of patients in your Flu Waitlist tab. Click on the button below for instructions on how to leverage our Send Booking Links Function to invite patients on your waitlist to book en-masse

How to Set Up Direct Booking for Patients

Scenario B: You do NOT want to/did NOT use the Waitlist and want to start taking **Direct Bookings** from your Patient-Facing web portal.

Navigate to your Settings page --> Appointment Types, and select the appropriate Flu appointment (eg. Flu Vaccine (Regular)). Under General --> VISIBILITY, make sure that:

  • "Enable public intake for this appointment type" toggle is BLUE (BLUE = on)

  • "Waitlist appointments" toggle is GREY (GREY = off)

Related Articles:

How to Manually Add Appointments from the Pharmacy Side

What if Patients Request to be Booked in Manually?

There will always be scenarios where patients request pharmacy staff to manually book an appointment on their behalf (eg. no access to a computer or already on the phone with you). Learn more by clicking into our article below!

There are 3 ways to leverage the booking capabilities from the Pharmacist Side:

1) As the Pharmacist: manually booking the time right away

2) As the Patient: via sending a scheduling link via SMS text/email

3) Conduct Now - for walk-in appointments where you want to document the encounter and generate the PDF form

Advanced Booking Function Guides:

How to Support Walk-In Appointments

All of our Flu appointment types have a "Walk-In" toggled that can be turned ON/OFF - this allows pharmacies to decide whether they would like to give patients the option to fill out a consent form online through our walk-in mode.

Walk-in mode is useful for pharmacies who are able to take additional patients throughout the day for their flu vaccination, who have not booked an appointment through MedMe. For more information on Walk-In Mode, read a

⭐️ New This Year for Flu 2022/2023 Walk-Ins ⭐️

Walk-In Mode - Updates to Article Coming Soon!

In order to better support walk-in appointments, we've created a new "Consented" status to capture patients who have completed the consent form using our walk-in mode on the patient intake, but have not yet checked in at the pharmacy counter.

This update was made to display a more accurate walk-in "queue" on the MedMe dashboard - now, you'll be able to differentiate patients on the walk-in dashboard who have:

  • Filled out the consent form through the walk-in flow but have not yet seen a pharmacy team member (CONSENTED)

  • Filled out the consent form through the walk-in flow and have seen a pharmacy team member (ARRIVED)

  • Completed their consultation/service (COMPLETED)


2 Proposed WorkFlows - Hybrid or Paperless

Depending on the comfort levels and workflow of your pharmacy, you can either:

  1. Implement a hybrid model where every morning, you print the pre-populated PDF forms of all scheduled patients (demographics, consent, COVID/injection screening) and manually fill out the pharmacy use section.

  2. Adopt a paperless model where you complete the documentation electronically and save on MedMe.

Once you've decided on Hybrid or Paperless, please review our comprehensive "Day of Documentation" guide (filled with short informative videos) to guide you through how to complete Documentation on Injection Day.

We will review the following items:

  • Printing Your Daily Appointment List

  • Batch Updating & Printing Forms

  • Completing Your Appointments

And that's it!

Congratulations, you've officially completed your Introductory Training to MedMe's Flu Module.


Here are step-by-step guides to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions or looking to add new modules to your MedMe platform? Email us at care@medmehealth.com, or message us via live chat!

Have an idea or feature request? Please share on our feature requests board.

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