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Custom Appointment Types Workflow Guide
Custom Appointment Types Workflow Guide
Everything you need to get started with scheduling ANY service in your pharmacy!
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Looking to schedule more services & appointments above and beyond COVID & Flu vaccinations? Want to make sure that specialty certified staff are available to provide consults when patients want them? Introducing our most flexible module yet, Custom Appointments!


Getting Started

Our custom appointments module can help you:

  • Increase awareness and demand for your pharmacy services

  • Ensure the right staff are available to provide patient services

  • Allow you to better predict your workload each day

Check out this video on getting started with the custom appts module!

How to: Workflow Implementation

The custom appointment module can be used to schedule ANY service your pharmacy offers from compression sock fittings to cannabis consultations and more.

Compression Sock Fitting

Smoking Cessation


INR Clinics

A1C Testing

Cholesterol Testing

Cannabis Consultations

Travel Health

Spirometry Appointments

Naloxone Training

Sleep Consultations

Dietary Supplements

Check out some sample workflows below!

Example 1: Travel Health

  1. Increase patient awareness of Travel Health Consultations using traditional advertising, social media and/or sending emails to patients interested in learning more.

    1. In your MedMe Platform navigate to the 'Patients' Tab and click the check box in the upper left corner to select all patients on the visible page. Then click 'Select all Patients'.

    2. Click 'Send Custom Email' and compose a custom message about your travel health service. Make sure to include your MedMe scheduling link to encourage patient self-booking.

    3. Leave the box beside 'Include patients who have not provided CASL consent' unchecked and you'll be emailing all of your patients interested in learning more about other services in your pharmacy!

  2. For patients inquiring in-person or over the phone, you can directly book patients in for a travel health consult from the pharmacy-side or send them a scheduling link to allow for self-bookings.

  3. Make sure to customize the automatic reminders text under "Onsite Notifications" to ensure patients bring any necessary materials or documentation to their appointment.

  4. Complete the travel consultation when the patient arrives in the pharmacy.

  5. Book a follow-up appointment to administer any injections or doses.

Example 2: Smoking Cessation

  1. Increase patient awareness of Smoking Cessation Counselling using traditional advertising, social media and/ or sending emails to patients interested in learning more.

    1. Try filtering patients to offer targeted campaigns based on public funding eligibility. Ex. In Ontario public funding for smoking cessation is only provided to ODB recipients so try filtering for patients 65+.

    2. On the 'Patients' tab click onto 'Filter/Sort' and change the patient age to filter for patients 65-149 years of age.

    3. Click the Blue 'Apply Button' at the end of all the filters.

    4. Follow the instructions in Example 1 Steps 1 b&c to finish sending your targeted communications

  2. Book patients in for a smoking cessation consultation if interested and allow patients to self book.

  3. Complete the smoking cessation consultation when the patient arrives in the pharmacy.

  4. Book a follow-up appointment to encourage the patient journey and meet follow-up requirements for funding.

How to Set-Up a Custom Appointment Type

  1. Navigate into Settings > Appointment Types and scroll to the bottom of your list to find "z-Custom Appointment #1" and "z- Custom Appointment #2".

  2. The Details tab will allow you to change the name and description of the appointment type. Make sure to customize the "Notifications" section to reflect what you'd like patients to see via SMS and Email.

    The Description field text is what patients will see on your MedMe scheduling page (/schedule). The "Waitlist Description" field won't be used and can be left blank.

  3. Make sure you click the dark blue Save button in the top right corner of the screen to save and update these details.

  4. Optional - From the General tab, you can toggle ON "Enable Public Intake for this Appointment Type". This will allow patients to book themselves in directly for this appointment from your MedMe scheduling page (/schedule). Make sure to set your calendar availability before turning intake on!

Promoting your services on Google

Interested in increasing your digital presence and driving more patients to your pharmacy?

Interested in adding this module or more custom appointment types to your MedMe platform? Email us at, or message us via live chat!

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