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How to book patients: sending links, manually adding an appointment, or using the conduct now feature
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In this video, we'll cover how to move current patients in the 'Waitlist' to a booked appointment or manually schedule an appointment for those not already on the waitlist.

There are 2 ways to schedule appointments for patients already on the 'waitlist', SENDING links directly to patients or booking on BEHALF of patients. For patients comfortable navigating the online portal, we recommend sending booking links directly. For patients calling into the pharmacy, you can manually add their appointments into the platform.

For patients not already on the waitlist, you can add the appointment in directly from the appointments tab, or use the conduct now feature!

If you are looking for instructions on how to manage multi-patient appointments then let us guide you to our Creating and Managing Multi-Patient Appointments article!

NOTE: While this video describes the process from POV of the COVID-19 module, the same steps are applicable to any appointment-type include the new and improved Flu Module.

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